Talking TV | Trump’s Media Legacy

TVNewsCheck’s Michael Depp and Harry Jessell examine the outgoing president's lasting impact on the media — from his contribution to eroding media trust to the increased dangers journalists at every level now face in the field.

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Rexjeep says:

December 4, 2020 at 4:16 pm

Facebook and Twitter are not first amendment operations. Which means they are privately owned networks. They do not use the public Air Waves so they are not regulated by first amendment. However, If they claim to not be responsible for what content gets posted they are protected from liable. If they are going to limit what people say then the liable protection does not apply. They either get an exemption on the content and don’t touch it, or they take responsibility for it by censoring people, therefore liable for what is posted. Either content neutral or liable for the content. So if you get demeaned by someone on twitter, sue twitter not the individual that twitter allowed to demean you.

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