Tegna Introduces First-Party Audience Solution

This week marks the roll-out of Tegna AudienceOne, one of the few first-party (and third-party cookie-less) audience targeting solutions in the local media landscape. Tegna AudienceOne taps into audience data from Tegna stations’ websites and apps, allowing marketers to precisely tune campaigns based on behavioral, household, contextual and buying behaviors. Tegna says AudienceOne is privacy-safe and drives performance across Tegna’s 50 million active audience members.

To highlight the launch, Tegna recently partnered with Provoke Insights on a research survey of 2,000 millennials to gain further insight into their unique perspectives and buying habits. The survey results point to six distinct archetypes within this 72 million-plus population, including:

  • The Confident Parents: The top priorities for this group are family, career, and mental health. They work full-time and are busy juggling home and professional life, in addition to being adept online shoppers and heavy consumers of local broadcast news.
  • The In-store Moms:This group tends to live paycheck-to-paycheck and is likely to be on the hunt for a new job. They enjoy cooking, gardening, and painting and have a strong preference for shopping in-store versus online.
  • The “All About Me”:This segment, comprising 9.5% of millennials, skews male, and prioritizes appearance and social life. They love to impulse shop and crave products they can receive quickly.
  • The Overachievers:These are “type A” personalities who are optimistic, confident, and career driven. They are big spenders when it comes to vacations, home improvement, and luxury items, and are actively involved in their local community.
  • The Glass Half Empty:Evenly split between men and women, this group is trying to work their way out of debt while improving their social and dating lives. Despite this group’s cynical outlook on the future, improving mental health is a top focus.
  • The Free Spirits:They have a slower-paced lifestyle and spend on travel, skincare, apparel, and wellness. They are the most likely to switch brands based on trust (or a perceived lack thereof), and they’re also more likely than other segment to embrace the idea of social media detox.

Additionally, the survey also found common denominators within this generational cohort:

  • Millennials are a diverse group, and age is Just a number. One commonality identified from the study is that life stage and habits are far more important predictors of behavior than age.
  • They value personalization and immediacy. Loyalty is fleeting among millennials making personalization ever more critical. They also place a premium on immediacy, and nearly half would switch to products they receive sooner.
  • They are invested in their local community. Eighty percent report being engaged in their local community.
  • Optimism wins, but not in a landslide. More than half of millennials (57%) reported feeling at least moderately to very positive about the future, but 43% of respondents expressed comparative cynicism and uncertainty.
  • News consumption. News is a popular medium for millennials, with almost half consuming news at least weekly and via television, especially among men and people with higher-than-average household income.

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