Tubi Integrates Freewheel’s Beeswax Into Its Proprietary Ad Technology

Tubi today announced it has integrated FreeWheel’s Beeswax technology into its proprietary ad technology. As a result of integrating Beeswax enhanced bidding capabilities, Tubi said Tubi and Beeswax’s mutual clients “will have full access to programmatically acquire incremental inventory and extend audience reach in one easy workflow. The adoption also allows Beeswax customers access to Tubi’s  first-party data targeting and measurement solutions, as well as real-time addressability via its earlier adoption of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution. Since its technology integration with Beeswax, Tubi has already experienced a 307% increase in month-over-month spend from Beeswax Buyers.”

“Our partnership with FreeWheel has allowed us to optimize our inventory and extend our connection to Beeswax customers,” said Mark Rotblat, Tubi chief revenue officer. “We’re thrilled to integrate Beeswax’s enhanced bidding technology into our supply side platform and have already experienced substantial growth as a result of this collaboration.”

Matt Clark, vice president of partnerships, FreeWheel, said: “Beeswax is a leading demand side platform for buyers to access premium CTV inventory – especially in the growing FAST space. With this new direct connection to Tubi, it’s easier than ever for our buyers to access Tubi’s premium, brand safe content and to scale advertiser campaigns against desired audiences in an incredibly efficient manner.”

Tubi has created an addressable marketplace for brands and agencies by providing addressability on all 25+ devices where the streaming service is available, helping to facilitate better advanced measurement and targeting.

FreeWheel’s Beeswax technology integration further complements Tubi’s adoption last year of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, Tubi said. At the time of the integration, the company said, “Tubi was the first free, ad-supported online streaming service in the US to enable the passing of RampID in the bidstream and also use LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution to directly connect authenticated inventory with advertiser demand. A first-of-its-kind partnership for Connected TV in the US, Tubi’s collaboration with LiveRamp allowed for addressability on all OTT devices and maintains the ability to reach a large percentage of first-party audiences.”

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