WideOrbit Releases WO Network 2021 With New Revenue Generating Features

WideOrbit, a provider of broadcast TV inventory and revenue workflow management, today released its latest WO Network, the company’s flagship network ad sales and commercial operations platform used by national, cable and broadcast TV networks. It says the 2021 release includes new features and enhancements to help networks generate new revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

This newest release of WO Network introduces the Electronic Material Instructions module, an automated solution to “address the long-standing need to simplify and streamline the traditionally cumbersome material instructions process,” it says.

A licensed module for WO Network, Electronic Material Instructions integrates with several leading material instructions providers, including ITN Networks, ECN, and PremiumMedia360, with other integrations coming soon, including Warren Lamb. These integrations help networks save time and money by simplifying the exchange of new and revised material instructions between buyers and sellers.

The WO Network 2021 release also introduces new functionality for sales teams, including the Master Deals Wizard, a centralized location to view and manage all deals sold under a single proposal. The ADU Prediction Tool, now widely available with WO Network 2021, helps networks increase revenue and reduce liability by minimizing both over-and under-delivery, using predictive analytics to identify the number of Audience Deficiency Units (ADUs) needed to deliver on a deal.

“With our 2021 release of WO Network, WideOrbit is excited to continue our tradition of ongoing innovation and investment in improving our core products,” says Arden Adair, WideOrbit’s senior director of product management for WO Network. “Both the Electronic Material Instructions module and the ADU Prediction Tool are game-changers for our broadcast and cable network customers, promising long-term, positive impact on revenue growth, cost savings, and improved efficiency.”

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