Former Apple Designer Takes On Amazon’s Twitch With $146 Million And Fox Backing

A new streaming platform launching this week may be giving us a peek at the future of broadcast entertainment. And it’s not Disney Plus. Welcome to the other streaming wars. Caffeine founder Ben Keighran talks about why live streaming is the future of TV.

‘Columbo’ Creators Awarded $70M In Profits Fight

NDAs To Be Voided For Former NBC Staffers

NBCUniversal said Friday night it would release former NBC News staffers who believe they were sexually harassed from confidentiality and non-disparagement arrangements.


CNN Wins Partial Victory in Fired Producer Suit

The California Supreme Court handed CNN a partial victory in its dispute with fired producer Stanley Wilson, who was terminated over plagiarism concerns. The court’s opinion offers the possibility looking ahead that employment discrimination and retaliation lawsuits will face more scrutiny at the outset.

Trump Proposes ‘Worldwide’ Alternative To CNN

The president said via Twitter on Monday that CNN “has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair and false way. Something has to be done,” suggesting starting “our own Worldwide Network.” It wasn’t immediately clear what he meant. The U.S. government already operates Voice of America, which last year reached some 275 million people worldwide.

Chris Wallace Tells The President: ‘We [The Press] Are in Solidarity, Sir’

ANA: Feds Want ‘Meaningful’ Cooperation

The Association of National Advertisers has issued a follow-up report to last month’s member missive confirming an FBI/U.S. Attorney’s Office probe into possible fraudulent media-buying conduct. Advertisers will need to conduct formal internal investigations before deciding whether to call the FBI. The new report details the potential crimes the FBI is looking into, including mail and wire fraud, conspiracy and racketeering.

Man Arrested Over Threatening Calls To CNN

Benjamin Craig Matthews of Mountain Home, Ark., was taken into custody Tuesday and remains jailed on $15,000 bond. Matthews faces multiple counts of making terrorist threats and harassing communications.


KSNV Sportscaster Accused Of Exposing Himself

Man Accused Of Making Threatening Calls To CNN

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. (AP) — A 39-year-old Arkansas man has been arrested after Atlanta police accused him of making threatening telephone calls to CNN. The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday that Benjamin Craig Matthews of Mountain Home, Arkansas, was taken into custody Tuesday and remains jailed on $15,000 bond. Matthews faces multiple counts of […]

Sinclair Settles DOJ Antitrust Investigation

The station group said the consent decree resolves DOJ concerns about the sharing of advertising pacing with other station groups. The settlement does not include an admission of guilt or involve any monetary damages for fines, Sinclair said. Other station groups are said to have been drawn into the investigation, but no word on whether they have settled.



KSNV Sports Anchor Randy Howe Arrested


Elections Spell Changes In House TV Oversight

The new Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives may be less friendly to broadcasting interests than the outgoing Republicans. Chairing the key House Commerce Committee and its Communications Subcommittee will likely be Frank Pallone and Mike Doyle, respectively, who have been critical of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his deregulatory broadcast agenda.


Judges Set For AT&T-TW Merger Appeal

The three-judge panel that will hear arguments Dec. 6 in the federal appeal of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner has been selected. Judges Judith W. Rogers, Robert L. Wilkins and David B. Sentelle will be on the bench in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to weigh in on the Department of Justice effort to undo the $85 billion deal.

White House Weighs Big Tech Antitrust Push

The Trump administration has been considering antitrust proceedings against Amazon, Facebook, and Google’s parent Alphabet.


Jessell | Political Ads A Small Price For Local TV News

Viewers may be sick of campaign ads, the mostly negative content and the sheer repetition of many of them, but the revenue they produce helps in a big way to sustain local TV news.

Senior Google Lobbyist Is Stepping Down

Susan Molinari, who leads Google’s federal lobbying and policy efforts, is leaving her role amid growing scrutiny of the Silicon Valley giant.

Alec Baldwin Arrested, Faces Assault Charges

NEW YORK (AP) — Alec Baldwin was arrested Friday after allegedly punching a man in the face during a dispute over a parking spot outside his New York City home, authorities said. Police said the actor claimed he had a family member holding the spot for him as he attempted to park his black Cadillac […]

WarnerMedia: DOJ Collaborating With Dish

AT&T Inc’s WarnerMedia has accused the U.S. Department of Justice of “collaborating” with Dish Network in a high profile dispute over carrying HBO and Cinemax.


FCC Opens LPTV, Translator Settlement Window

The FCC on Tuesday released a public notice announcing a settlement window for mutually exclusive applicants in the Special Displacement Window where LPTV stations and TV translators were displaced by the incentive auction.


What To Do About Attack Ads

As we approach Election Day, the political ads seem to be getting more and more frequent, and often more and more nasty.  We provided this overview of what a station should do when it gets an attack ad two years ago, and the ads have not become kinder in the intervening period, so we will publish it again (with a few revisions).

CBS Lawsuit Claims ‘Desilu Studios’ Brand Was Used To Dupe Investors

NAB To FCC: Don’t Jeopardize C-Band

NAB has called on the FCC to recognize the important role C-band plays in content delivery for radio and television stations, MVPDs and OTT operators, to be judicious in the way it makes decisions about reallocating part of the band for wireless use and not to take steps that will degrade C-band satellite service by allowing shared use in the non-reallocated part of the band.

Protecting Your Rights As Press, Starting Locally

Journalists may find themselves at odds with their state governments when it comes to First Amendment rights for the press. At “Stop Your State Legislature from Stifling Your Press Freedom” at Excellence in Journalism 2018, panel members David Reymann, Joel Campbell, Scott Sternberg, and moderator Sheryl Worsely discussed what actions journalists can take to protect their reporting rights. Each shared their own experience successfully dealing with legislation that limited journalistic freedom.

Dems Want FCC To Investigate Fake Comments

A trio of Democratic senators is pressing the FCC’s inspector general to investigate the millions of fake comments filed during the net neutrality debate. In a letter addressed to FCC Inspector General David Hunt, Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Edward Markey (D-Mass.) urged him to investigate fraud in the FCC public comment process.

Jessell | On TV Station Cap, Nothing May Be Something

Pai is a classic free-market deregulator. The fewer rules governing business the better he likes it. That’s why it makes some sense that he will do nothing regarding proposals to raise the FCC’s station ownership cap. Why should he? The cap is plenty high now and any change is almost certain to end up challenged in court. Doing nothing also avoids any political blowback in Washington.

US Government Broadcaster To Punish Workers For Soros Report

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government’s international broadcasting agency says it will discipline employees responsible for a television report on philanthropist George Soros that violated its professional ethics and standards. The U.S. Agency for Global Media says that those who produced the report would be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into “apparent misconduct” and may […]

FCC Chair Pai Staying For ‘Foreseeable Future’

A spokesman for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says that the chairman, who took over the post in January 2017, “plans to lead the FCC for the foreseeable future.” Pai — a Republican appointed to the commission by President Barack Obama in 2012, then named chair by President Donald Trump — was asked after the FCC’s Oct. 23 public meeting whether he planned to remain in that post if the Democrats took over the House in the midterm elections, as many are predicting.


Nov. Regulatory Dates For Broadcasters

November is perhaps the month with the lightest schedule of routine FCC regulatory filing obligations. Nor are there other routine obligations that come up in the course of any year. So does that mean that there are no dates of interest this month for broadcasters? As always, there are always a few dates of which you need to keep track.

NAB: FCC Should Prioritize Direct Repack Expenses

The National Association of Broadcasters says the FCC should not use scarce post-incentive auction repack funds to help Microsoft’s white spaces initiative, or pay T-Mobile for its side deals to help LPTVs clear off spectrum early so T-Mobile, the largest bidder in the TV spectrum auction, could get earlier access to reclaimed channels.