Alphonso And Tegna Expand Local TV Measurement Partnership

TV data and measurement company Alphonso has renewed and expanded its agreement with Tegna to enable local advertisers to better understand the value and effectiveness of their local TV and OTT ad campaigns. The companies have renewed their multi-year partnership to include all of Premion, Tegna’s OTT and CTV advertising platforms. The new agreement enables Tegna’s local ad sellers to provide clients with digital-like measurement and attribution for linear TV and OTT campaigns.

With 62 television stations in 51 markets, Tegna is the largest owner of Top 4 affiliates in the top 25 markets among independent station groups reaching approximately 39% of all TV households nationwide.

Tegna’s Premion is a CTV/OTT platform for local and regional advertisers. With directly-sourced inventory from more than 125 branded networks, Premion delivers brand-safe premium CTV and OTT impressions for local and regional advertisers at scale.

“Local measurement and attribution across linear TV and OTT is top of mind for advertisers looking to maximize ROI in their media campaigns,” said Tim Fagan, Tegna SVP and chief revenue officer. ”As audience behavior continues to evolve, Alphonso’s technology provides critical measurement metrics to help us clearly demonstrate the efficacy of local TV and provide better solutions for our advertising partners.”

Alphonso Local provides real-time audience measurement and rapid attribution reporting that connects linear and streaming audiences to online and offline business results, such as website visits and conversions, and visits to a specific brick-and-mortar location.

Alphonso Local’s suite of TV ad analytics, attribution and audience extension software and services for local broadcasters and station groups consists of three core offerings:


  • Closed-loop attribution, for rapid reporting on online and offline sales and visitation lift resulting from local TV ads.
  • Local TV-to-digital retargeting, so brands can amplify and optimize their TV spend across the web and mobile devices.
  • Local TV ad insights for data-driven media planning and competitive analysis.

Powered by highly scalable Video AI deployed across markets, Alphonso Local performs each of these functions with granular detail at the local-market-level, due to the scale of Alphonso TV viewership data.

Ashish Chordia, Alphonso CEO, said: “Tegna has been at the forefront of local TV measurement with Alphonso. As different markets in various states now begin to re-open their local economies, local TV and OTT measurement becomes increasingly important. As more brands increase their investment in TV in the coming months, Tegna can help them make data-driven decisions to optimize ROI from every TV ad dollar. We’re excited to extend our partnership into the future, while we add even more markets and capabilities that enable their sellers to grow revenue.”

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