KGW, Vault To Launch True Crime Podcast ‘Urge To Kill’

He had an “urge to kill.” That’s the only explanation given by the murderer of 23-year-old Kaylee Sawyer. Her rape, murder, and her killer’s subsequent crime spree are the subject of the new true crime podcast, Urge to Kill, launching Tuesday, Nov. 5, by KGW and vault Studios, the digital content studio launched by KGW’s parent company, Tegna.

Kaylee Sawyer disappeared on July 24, 2016 from Bend, Ore. Urge to Kill follows the investigation as detectives piece together what happened to her and the wild twists and turns of the case. After killing Kaylee, her murderer kidnapped a woman in Salem, Ore., and drove to California where he carjacked a family, shot an elderly man, and led police on a high-speed chase that was all caught on camera. The court case, his surprising defense and how the case led to a change in Oregon state law will also be examined.

Urge to Kill is written and hosted by KGW anchor Ashley Korslien who, along with KGW producers Destiny Johnson and Mila Mimica, spent the last year researching and conducting the interviews. “To this day, people still don’t know the truth about what happened to Kaylee,” said Korslien. “Many think her death was an accident, based on misinformation spread early in the case. We hope to clear up any confusion and report the facts with interviews from Kaylee’s family, her killer’s other victims, and detectives who investigated the crime.”

“KGW has a long tradition of impactful investigative journalism that uncovers the truth and leads to positive change for Oregonians,” said KGW News Director Greg Retsinas. “With Urge to Kill we are bringing that same investigative mentality to podcasting, to give our audience the whole story of what happened to Kaylee Sawyer.”

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