Reelgood Adds Mark Green To Lead Behavioral Data Platform

Reelgood has hired Mark Green, former Nielsen SVP of Global Measurement, to spearhead its new behavioral data platform. He brings more than 30 years of market knowledge, data analytics expertise and leadership experience.

Green will oversee the platform, Reelgood Insights, and its delivery and analysis of real-time data on consumer behavior across all streaming platforms in the US.

“I sought out and joined Reelgood because they are poised to capture the billions in revenue spent on viewership data as viewing continues to shift towards OTT,” said Green. “Gaining real-time, critical visibility into what’s happening in OTT as it happens is a game-changer for making business decisions on how to engage consumers and invest in properties that are gaining (or losing) audience.”

According to the company, with Reelgood Insights, media strategists, research analysts, reporters and data scientists “no longer have to wait for financial calls or quarterly reports to gauge how OTT platforms and their content libraries are performing ranging from what’s attracting popular interest to churn rates.”

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