Tegna’s Vault Studios And WWL Launch ‘Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe’ Podcast

Tegna Inc’s. Vault Studios, creators of true crime podcast Bardstown, are back with a new unsolved mystery in season two of the series, titled Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe. In the new season, the Vault team partners with WWL-TV, Tegna’s CBS affiliate in New Orleans, and heads to the small community of Lacombe, La., to ask who killed Nanette Krentel?

On July 14, 2017, the St. Tammany Parish Fire Department responded to a blaze at the home Krentel shared with her husband, then Acting Chief of St. Tammany Fire District 12. In the ashes, Nanette Krentel’s body was burned so badly that DNA evidence was used to identify her remains. Yet the next day, the coroner’s autopsy revealed a shocking discovery: Nanette Krentel had been shot in the head and was dead before someone intentionally started the fire in her home.

Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe takes listeners on a journey into the case, with detailed investigative reporting that attempts to piece together the mysterious events of Nanette Krentel’s death and the subsequent investigation that has still not led to any arrests. Featuring interviews with Nanette Krentel’s family, investigators and other experts, the podcast dives deep to provide listeners with the facts of the case from those who know them best.

Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe is hosted by Katie Moore, a six-time Emmy-winning investigative journalist and anchor at WWL. Moore has an in-depth knowledge of the case and has produced several investigative reports for WWL.

“As the search for answers continues, Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe asks the tough questions and gives listeners an insider’s look at the investigation from the point of view of all parties involved,” said Will Johnson, executive producer, Vault Studios. “With deep insights and the high-quality investigative journalism that is the hallmark of the Vault brand, listeners will come away with a new perspective about this tragic case.”

The first of eight episodes of Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe premieres on March 31, with new episodes available weekly on all major podcast platforms and on Tegna stations’ digital properties.


Listen to the trailer for Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe now on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Stitcher.

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