TownNews, Stringr In Video Content Deal

The new agreement will give TownNews clients instant access to a pool of video content and talent while allowing easy searching and importing of high-quality packaged videos.

TownNews and Stringr today announced a strategic partnership that will let clients using TownNews’ content management systems easily expand their video inventories with high-resolution packaged videos from Stringr’s video marketplace.

As part of the partnership, TownNews will add new functionality to its CMS platforms that let users access Stringr video, which is powered by the company’s network of more than 90,000 amateur and professional videographers. Completed videos can be searched within TownNews platforms and pushed directly to client websites.

Stringr will also provide participating TownNews clients with access to Stringr’s video archive of more than 250,000 assets. The content will be searchable directly within the CMS interface.

“Making video easier for publishers is an important initiative at Stringr,” said Lindsay Stewart, CEO of Stringr. “By combining forces with TownNews and their impressive customer set, thousands of publishers will now have access to more relevant, localized video content every day, all part of our goal to help all media entities engage with their viewers and readers on a meaningful and sustainable level.”

“This is another big step in TownNews’ continued focus on enhancing our video services and content for our broadcast and newspaper partners,” said Brad Ward, CEO at TownNews. “By integrating the ability for our CMS users to access Stringr, we will give our users the ability to use content from Stringr’s massive network of videographers in a seamless workflow.”

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