WISH Launches Latinx To Extend Local News To Latino Community

Circle City Broadcasting’s CW affiliate WISH Indianapolis has created WISH-TV Latinx, a digital news offering specifically created for the growing Latino communities in Indianapolis.

The station says the WISH-TV Latinx Facebook page will be the first Spanish-language television news social media page for Indianapolis, and part of WISH-TV’s efforts to expand local and state news to Indiana’s diverse Latino communities. Separate from televised news programming, Latinx will primarily be digital news content focused on health, education, community, politics and business, and made available on Facebook and WISHTV.com

“There is a growing demand for trusted, premium journalism in Spanish and we are committed to providing exceptional news content to Indiana’s diverse Latino communities,” said DuJuan McCoy, Circle City owner, president and CEO. “WISH-TV Latinx digital content is one of many steps we are taking to build strong relationships and provide a valuable resource to all diverse communities in the Hoosier State.”

McCoy recently announced the launch of the Multicultural News Network (MNN), a nonpartisan, national news network that will be based In Indianapolis and will bring an unbiased national forum for the voices of America’s underserved multicultural communities.

“The Latino communities have been greatly underserved with local Spanish-language news,” said Al Carl, WISH news director. “We continue to diversify our team of professional journalists who understand these communities and are dedicated to providing more Spanish-language news content on all available platforms.”

Camila Fernandez joined WISH as a reporter in January and will assist in managing the digital content by translating news stories, posting vital information and creating unique, on-demand content for the Spanish-speaking audience. Camila will provide additional content in a weekly podcast to be available on the All Indiana Podcast Network starting in May.


Indianapolis is home to the largest number of Latinos in the state with just over 90,000 residents, or around 10% of the total metro population. There are approximately 461,000 Latinos in the state of Indiana, or around 7% of the total state population.

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