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Annova Systems| Stand 3.B36| https://www.annova.tv/

Around a dozen key areas in the new OpenMedia version 4.4 contains items of new and enhanced functionality. Features and functional enhancements have been applied to OpenMedia v4.4.

OpenMedia ClientSide API — The OpenMedia experts continue to provide our customers even more options for creating rich and interactive applications across all platforms. For this purpose, the OpenMedia ClientSide API provides a new level of integration possibilities of third-party applications directly within the OpenMedia client. Per Example, they allow the integration of MOS Web plugins, creating a bidirectional communication between External Tools and OpenMedia. External Tools are used for a variety of purposes: they can export and import OpenMedia objects, directly control the host application, support drag and drop operations between OpenMedia and 3rd party applications and finally can be used to trigger workflow scripts. Other examples of infinite new possibilities are  integrations to Google Maps, Social Media, Web CMS etc. This makes them the perfect solution to implement an individual workflow and support the flexibility of OpenMedia. An unlimited ability for customers to create self-designed applications as well as exchanging those developments and thereby multiplying the benefit is another plus.

Client GUI and Text Editing improvements — The powerful new OpenMedia 4.4 gives the journalist more options in terms of GUI: a floating work windows order has been established, as well as the toggling of the visibility of the header section of a story, rundown, planning grid, container and search via the context menu. Email and Phone number recognition has been added and major text editor improvements like bullet point numbering, improved Undo-functionality and variable line height has been settled. In addition, text editing is now allowed in the preview, which makes it significantly easier for the journalist to have a good overview on its stories.

Security Updates — OpenMedia Core improvements help to maintain a secure system. Architectural changes like installing the OMIS framework as a 64-bit application are necessary to avoid a limited memory (with a 32-bit application the limit is 2 GB). In addition, event logs are displayed properly. An auto-failover and redundancy option helps to prevent data loss.

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