Albany’s A2 News Channel Adds X.News

A2, CNN’s exclusive affiliate channel in Albany, N.Y. (DMA 59), is using as its new newsroom research tool through its service provider partner Tera Adria .

Previously, when A2 journalists were working on a report, they usually had as many as 10 to 15 different windows open. They spent a lot of time hunting down information in different places instead of focusing on the news story itself. Now, with, the user interface provides them with all the information they need — in a single location.

In addition, is deeply integrated into Avid Media Central, making it easy for journalists to use all sources from in their stories.

A2 CEO Andri Kasneci said: “There is a lot of noise and disinformation that makes social media a challenge. We now can provide our journalists with a custom view of all sources that interest our audience and, at the same time, they can also follow what our competitors are publishing. Working with an amazing tool like, it is still up to our journalists to gauge the reliability of all the information they are recieving. The final responsibility stays with them.”

Andreas Pongratz, CEO of, added: “We are proud that A2 … has joined the constant growing number of customers that have chosen as their newsroom research tool.”



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tmanokc says:

December 10, 2018 at 3:38 pm

Correction: A2 is not based in Albany, New York, it is based in Albania, as in the Eastern European country. A look at the channel’s website ( shows this, given the language used (A Google translate of the word “kryesoret” [referring the “news” section of the site] also confirmed this).