BirdsiVideo Launches TV Partners Drone Program

Television stations can use the service to access drones and pilots to produce high-quality news coverage.

BirdsiVideo is introducing a new TV Partners Drone Program to provide on-demand UAV services to regional media markets.

The nationwide network of trained pilots helps stations expand their coverage while reducing costs associated with traditional news gathering (i.e., helicopters). Streaming live drone video for breaking news also adds a new marketing advantage in the hypercompetitive media landscape.

The BirdsiVideo TV Partners team developed specialized expertise in ENG operations with companies like ABC News and Verizon. Josh Kneifel, CEO and co-founder of BirdsiVideo, said: “Our experienced fleet operations team is skilled in sourcing, training, and deploying pilots nationwide with verifiable background checks, insurance coverage, and on-site scheduling using our proprietary operations platform.”

Customers have the option to book pilots with 24-hour notice or can choose service agreements covering breaking news and fast response scenarios.

BirdsiVideo is a commercial drone services company specializing in data collection and inspection in the energy, telecom, media and real estate markets. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Carmel, Ind., BirdsiVideo operates a franchise network of 15 regional offices throughout the U.S. and has international partners in Latin America and Europe.

For more information about the TV Partners Drone Program, contact David Christophersen.


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