Fuse Media Slates ‘Fuse Town Hall: Our Votes Matter’

Further expanding its multi-faceted 2020 voter participation initiative, Fuse Media  will premiere Fuse Town Hall:  Our Votes Matter at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Friday, Oct. 23. Singer, actress, dancer and author Amara La Negra — an Afro-Latina of Dominican descent, who this month is being honored as part of Fuse’s Future Hispanic History Class of 2020 — will moderate.

Fuse Town Hall:  Our Votes Matter will feature discussions about top issues that, heading into the election, are important to Fuse’s multicultural millennial and Gen Z audience. Several activists and influencers will participate, including political rights activist María Teresa Kumar, LGBTQ+ and Latinx advocate Ingrid Duran, national immigrant rights activist Sara Mora, 19-year-old former Houston city council candidate Marcel McClinton, environmental activist Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali, human and civil rights activistPete White, and climate change activists Julian Brave NoiseCat and Jamie Margolin.  They will be joined by other guests to have conversations about systemic racism, climate change and the essential value of young adults casting their votes, among other key topics.

“We are coming together with our partners and a strong, diverse group of influencers, activists and experts to encourage and rally Americans as we head closer to Nov. 3.  We are focusing on why it is important to make our voices heard beyond the presidential race, and how our audience has the power to impact real change in their local communities,” said Miguel “Mike” Roggero, Fuse Media CEO.  “As young people are heading to the polls to decide who will help them move the country forward, our goal is to inform voters about the importance of casting a ballot on both a macro and micro level.”

Added Amara La Negra, “We have to continue to fight for the right to speak, the right to be heard, the right to be equals in America.  Our vote is one of the surest ways we can make our voices heard!  We must continue to put pressure for equality and acceptance for diversity, equality and acceptance for all. We have the power as a democracy! We have the right to vote — so vote!”

In addition to the Fuse Town Hall, Fuse continues to raise voter awareness via its “Be Counted. Be Change” campaign, in association with partners that are aligned with this mission. Today, the company is also announcing a partnership with Color Of Change PAC, one of the nation’s largest online racial justice organizations, and the latest organization to support Fuse’s ongoing social responsibility and empowerment efforts. Through this partnership, Color Of Change PAC will participate in and promote the Fuse Town Hall and will work with Fuse to encourage its young, multicultural audience to register and vote through linear, social and digital content pieces featuring musicians, comedians and activists. Fuse will also amplify Color Of Change PAC’s “Voting While Black” campaign and drive user traffic to the campaign website.

“We need to make a strong case for voting in this election to young Black and Latinx voters, who are looking for sweeping systemic reforms,” said Arisha Hatch, executive director of Color Of Change PAC. “Color Of Change PAC is proud to work with Fuse to engage the 37% of eligible voters who are Gen Z and millenials in this critical period before the Nov. 3 election.”


Color Of Change PAC is the latest advocacy group to partner with Fuse for the 2020 election season.  Earlier this year Fuse announced that it is working with Voto Latino to engage potential and active Latinx youth voters to bring awareness to the significance of being counted in this election cycle.  This includes the Nov. 2 linear programming stunt, Election 2020: We’ve Got Issues, that will include powerful documentary films spotlighting major issues, and remind viewers why it’s important to vote.  The company has also partnered with Climate Power 2020  and Stacey Abrams to draw attention to the impact of climate change on communities of color and encourage people to vote for politicians that include environmental responsibility as part of their platform.

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