NewsNation Documentaries To Debut ‘Harvest’

As families across the nation prepare for the holidays, NewsNation Documentaries today announced the premiere of Harvest, a two-hour documentary dedicated to the American farmer that will air Thanksgiving night, Thursday, Nov. 24, at 8-10 p.m. ET.

Produced by NewsNation Documentaries, the cable news network’s documentary unit, Harvest celebrates the vital role farmers play in American life and underscores the major challenges they face in the years ahead, with issues ranging from extreme weather and foreign competition to labor concerns and more.

“Preparing the Thanksgiving table requires a lot of work. While it ends in the kitchen it all begins on the farms and in the fields of America,” said Sean Compton, president of the networks division of Nexstar Media Group.  “Harvest will give viewers an appreciation for the dedication and work ethic of farmers across our nation.”

Filmed this fall in Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota, Harvest brings viewers inside the fence to meet American farm families and experience the fall harvest season up close. I tells the story of generational farm families in the American Midwest, and how their stories indirectly build to a larger question: why are generational farms in decline?

Harvestwill be sponsored exclusively by Ram trucks.

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