Rachel Maddow Returns To Air, Describes Partner’s Virus Bout

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Rachel Maddow made an emotional return Thursday to her MSNBC show, saying her partner’s bout with COVID-19 was so serious they thought it might kill her.

Maddow has been off the air for roughly two weeks since disclosing she had been in close contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. Maddow didn’t disclose who it was at the time, but said Thursday evening it was her partner, Susan Mikula.

“At one point, we really thought it was a possibility it might kill her and that’s why I’ve been away,” Maddow said.

“She is the center of my life,” she added.

Maddow said her partner is recovering and will be OK, but that it didn’t seem that way at the outset of her illness. Maddow said she’s tested negative so far for the virus.

She is the host of MSNBC’s most-watched show and did the broadcast from inside her home, encountering some technical difficulties before laying out their coronavirus experience.


“Don’t get this thing. Do whatever you can to keep from getting it,” Maddow said. “For Thanksgiving next week, you really are just going to have it at home without people coming over.”

Maddow said her quarantine would end soon, but she’d be “broadcasting like this until it’s safe for me to be around my coworkers.”

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weneedhelpnow says:

November 20, 2020 at 6:59 am

Who was she speaking to the 200 people that watch her

Hopeyoumakeit says:

November 20, 2020 at 9:41 am

it was great to see Maddow back on the air. she liked pale like she had not been outdoors in a while. I do miss her fact checking, back ground researching, and bringing on guests to fact check her research. If Faux News applied these standards, 100,000 Americans would still be alive and D. John Drumpf would be a mere footnote in history.

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