RTDNA Rolls Out New Logo

In addition to the refreshed look, the association plans new and updated resources on RTDNA.org, expanded in-person and online training opportunities and a redesigned curriculum at its annual conference.

Today, RTDNA debuts an updated look and feel that reflects both the association’s origins and its continuing mission as a hub for the leading innovators in broadcast and digital news.

The members of RTDNA have been on the forefront of news standards and technology since the association’s founding in 1946 as the National Association of Radio News Editors. First created to support professionals in the relatively new field of radio news, the association has advanced broadcast and digital news for nearly 75 years.

“RTDNA is proud to be a community and resource for more members than at any point in our modern history,” said Executive Director Dan Shelley. “At a time when journalism is under threat, our members continually demonstrate that they are leaders and innovators working every day to better each other, the industry and their communities across the country through responsible local journalism.”

The group said the updated icon and typography for the association and its sister foundation “evoke the symbols of traditional broadcast and reflect modern digital technologies, representing the industry’s and organizations’ evolution and creating a sense of forward movement.”

This new imagery signifies the association and foundation’s continuing commitment to pushing the broadcast and digital news industry forward through training, advocacy and honors.

Over the next year, RTDNA members can expect to find new and updated resources on RTDNA.org, expanded in-person and online training opportunities and a redesigned curriculum at the annual conference.


RTDNA’s expanded in-person training this year will include:

  • Several safety and security training programs for journalists, including prior to the DNC and the RNC, produced in partnership with the National Press Photographers Association and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. The programs address working in areas of conflict, staying safe in the field and online, keeping your equipment safe and knowing your rights.
  • The third Anchor and Producer Leadership Summit, July 20-22 at Loyola University Chicago.
  • Excellence in Journalism 2020, Sept. 10-12 in Washington. Registration opens March 23.

Updates to critical RTDNA resources, including new and updated coverage guidelines, expanded reporting on the annual Newsroom Survey and increased career and leadership development resources are all also under development.

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