‘3rd Rock’ Debuts July 16 On Laff

Scripps-owned Laff diginet is adding 3rd Rock from the Sun  to its sitcom hall of fame lineup on Monday, July 16.

Laff will present two-full hours of the former NBC hit series Monday through Friday nights, with four consecutive episodes between 5 and 7 p.m. ET.

John Lithgow won Emmy Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series every year 3rd Rock from the Sun was on the air (1996-2001).

Kristen Johnston won three Emmys for Best Supporting Actress during the run as well. The unique show centers around four extraterrestrials posing as human beings on an expedition to Earth, which they consider an inferior planet; Jane Curtin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and French Stewart co-star.

3rd Rock from the Sun joins Home Improvement, That ’70s Show, The Drew Carey Show, Spin City, Night Court, Grace Under Fire and other iconic sitcoms on the Laff schedule.

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