Fuse Media Unveils Call-To-Action, Pro-Social Responsibility Initiative

Fuse Media, a cross-platform entertainment media brand for the multicultural millennial and GenZ audience, is launching Be Change, a new call-to-action, social responsibility initiative that will educate, inform and empower this audience to be actively involved  in driving change for a better tomorrow.  Be Change will also give this audience the resources to become participants and improve their individual communities.

Be Change kicks off on Monday, March 30, with Be Change: Be Home, a series of an-air interstitials, graphics, and digital support and social media messaging aimed at keeping Fuse’s audience informed, active and mentally stimulated in their communities while remaining socially isolated during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Said Fuse Media Head of Marketing Mark McIntire: “Be Change is specifically designed to encourage participation, giving our audience both the ‘why’ and the ‘where’ their involvement can make a real difference on the issues that matter most to them.

“Like the struggle to victory stories of artists and creators that we celebrate in our programming, Fuse is helping our audience to use their own voice and take action to drive positive change — even when the best action is to not be active, like our inaugural campaign to stay home, and be part of flattening the COVID 19 curve.”

The topics that Be Change will embrace going forward have been informed by Fuse Media’s constant conversations with its audience including quantitative studies and in-person interviews.

  • Social Justice: Spotlighting issues like immigration reform, voting and disability rights.
  • Mental Health: To change perceptions and conversations regarding mental health.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Informed by our audience caring deeply about the environment, mankind’s impact, and the role we can all play in fixing it.

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