NATPE Miami 2022 Cancels In-Person Conference

The group says it has new “programs, events, and activities in development to bring professional and financial opportunities to its members” later this year.

On Saturday, Jan. 8, NATPE canceled the in-person Miami 2022 Conference and Marketplace planned from Jan. 18-20 “to protect the health and safety of all attendees” with new dates and locations under consideration for the next NATPE Conference and Marketplace. The decision was announced by JP Bommel, NATPE president-CEO.

NATPE is in the process of developing a plan to create both virtual and in-person events (when appropriate) throughout the year with either no fees or limited ones in appreciation for the support NATPE has received from many people around the world.

Bommel added: “Although this decision from a financial point of view will cost the organization a great deal of money, that was secondary to our primary concern, which is to put the welfare of our members first. We put a great deal of safety protocols in place, but it is just not enough given the intensity of this virus which is spreading at an enormous rate all over the world. We look forward to producing a strong conference at the right time and under the best circumstances, and to provide all our attendees with the greatest value we can offer.”

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Raw Travel TV says:

January 9, 2022 at 10:41 am

Right call – but should have been made 15 to 8 days ago, before most folks had booked travel. NATPE not the only folks losing money. Refunds. They should have insurance, since they require exhibitors to have it.