New Hosts Set For Tegna’s ‘Daily Blast Live’

For its second season, Beau Davidson, Stefanie Jones and Brandon London join the syndicated show, which as of Sept. 10 will be seen in 50 markets.

Tegna Inc.’s Daily Blast Live announced today that new hosts Beau Davidson, Stefanie Jones and Brandon London have joined first-year hosts Erica Cobb, Al Jackson, Sam Schacher, Jeff Schroeder and Tory Shulman on the daily syndicated news and entertainment program.

DBL has also picked up a new Tegna station, KFMB San Diego, along with 14 additional non-Tegna outlets, including WMUR Boston, WMYD Detroit, WMAR Baltimore, WRTV Indianapolis, KMCI Kansas City, WTMJ Milwaukee and WWBT Richmond, Va. Beginning Sept. 10, 2018, DBL will be available in a total of 50 markets.

Daily Blast Live is singular in the daytime U.S. television landscape,” said Lisa Kridos, vice president of original programming and development, Tegna. “No other show reflects what’s happening in the world around us live and in real time through social crowdsourcing and engagement with our ‘DBL Nation’ throughout each day.”

DBL is distributed by Sony Pictures Television under an agreement with Tegna. SPT distributes all Tegna-owned, first-run programming, including DBL and Sister Circle, as well as shows in development.

The new hosts are:

Beau Davidson, an established singer, actor, TV host, and a songwriter whose break-out hit, Blessed, from the movie The Ultimate Legacy has a strong patriotic message.


Stefanie Jones, who has relocated from London to join DBL in Denver, is an alum of Fashion One TV, an international channel focusing on beauty, glamour, style and luxury. She has covered the fashion industry and brings wide-ranging, in-depth experience to the host table.

Brandon London is a retired Canadian Football League player and an NFL wide-receiver, playing for the Miami Dolphins and for the New York Giants’ practice squad during the run-up to their 2012 Super Bowl win. He’s been a sports broadcaster, most recently reporting for @Giants where he interviewed coaches, players and fans, and covered Giants training camp and the NFL Draft.

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timeshavechanged says:

September 5, 2018 at 3:51 pm

Oh sure….. New hosts, that will fix it…. Do you want to know why people have turned away from local stations? Ownership groups forcing crap like this into local markets. This show is terrible but save the company money so they cram it down the throats of the local stations and expect their sales teams to find a way to sell it….

[email protected] says:

September 5, 2018 at 9:08 pm

Not a fan of DBL which comes on at 7:30PM it proves this is a flop since only 50 TV station air mainly TEGNA and only 15 stations not named TEGNA air it. I prefer Inside Edition at 7:30PM on Wood TV than DBL on TEGNA owned WZZM which DBL is an afternoon show, not a 7:30PM show but that is the only time slot they could put it on which I think they could have moved Hot Bench to 10AM would do good no matter where they put it but they want to keep it with Judge Judy Hot Bench comes on at 3PM to 4PM where Judy is on from 4PM to 5PM. Sister Circle will be on for a full hour beginning Sep 17 at 10AM it was only a half hour 2017-18 TV season as Page Six TV comes on at 10:30AM which moves on Sep 17TH to WXSP MyNet TV at 11PM.

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