PPI Releasing Expands SSN Sports Programming

PPI Releasing has expanded its SSN Sports (Syndie Sports Network) programming and offering additional options to aid stations in need of weekly programming to fill the holes created by sports cancellations as a consequence of the coronavirus national emergency.

PPI is also offering stations additional runs for its series Just for Laughs Gags, Intervention, The Listener and Forensic Factor. All PPI syndication series are offered on a barter basis.

“This past weekend saw a real spike in SSN Sports usage and viewing — household ratings and male demos saw increases of 25%-40% in overnight markets,” said PPI principal, Ritch Colbert. “With this increased utility, and under these extraordinary circumstances, we wanted to offer our broadcast partners easy, plug and play solutions for their schedules and some relief when they need it most. We are reaching out to let them know that PPI is in place, ready to serve them, and that we appreciate the good work they are doing for their communities.”

Effective immediately, PPI has expanded the SSN Sports feed from 1.5 hours to 3 hours per week. The expansion will include both primary and secondary episodes of its half-hour series, The Immortals, The Shortlist and Pure Outdoor, giving stations several new options for scheduling, including programming each show in a one-hour block or the entire feed in a three-hour vertical stack.

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