‘Raw Travel’ To Help Freedom Ring In Ukraine

AIM Tell-A-Vision Group (AIM TV), producers of travel show, Raw Travel, announced “Let Freedom Ring in Ukraine” to help Ukrainian refugees.

The multi-platform and multi-faceted initiative will provide grassroots, long-term financial, and tangible assistance to externally and internally displaced Ukrainian refugees and citizens affected by the Russian invasion.

In June, executive producer and host Robert G. Rose will be filming in Paris, France, and then at the border of Poland and Ukraine with Raw Travel videographer and displaced Ukrainian refugee Anastasia Zui. Conditions permitting, they hope to go into Ukraine embedded with Keep the Kids Learning and Help 4 Ukraine, two small, independent organizations founded by American logistics engineer Joseph Nichols, living in Ukraine, and other expatriates. The grassroots organizations are dedicated to helping keep Ukrainian refugee children and teachers in school and moving needed medicines and medical supplies from the U.S. and Europe into Ukraine.

On July 2 and 3, just before U.S. Independence Day, Raw Travel will premiere a special episode entitled “Let Freedom Ring in Ukraine.” The special will feature updated, relevant Ukrainian
segments that showcase the country before the 2022 invasion, along with updated narration and ways viewers can help. The episode will re-air on Aug. 27-28.

Rose said: “Raw Travel offered valuable context to viewers when filming in Ukraine and the border areas of Russian-occupied Georgia in 2019. Given our past coverage of Russian aggression’s consequences in both Georgia and Ukraine, we feel we can offer a unique perspective.

“I think we can show a different, potentially more uplifting angle of this tragedy that may inspire people to help the many good folks and organizations helping Ukraine on the ground, long after the raw emotion of Russia’s 2022 invasion has subsided, but the need persists.”


The Let Freedom Ring in Ukraine effort has already begun in a limited capacity with on-air billboards and social media posts encouraging viewers to visit RawTravelGiveBack.com. The special web page is a constantly evolving, dedicated entry point for concerned viewers. There, they can get updates about Ukrainians featured in the show and donate directly to vetted organizations or buy specially designed Raw Travel “Let Freedom Ring in Ukraine” merchandise (shirts, mugs, glasses, etc.) benefitting the efforts of these organizations.

Raw Travel‘s Season 10 begins Sept. 19.

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elizabethgorgon1 says:

June 12, 2022 at 7:15 am

This is an amazing initiative, the Ukrainian people need support more than ever. No one should be left alone in this difficult time. Charitable organization Hope Now USA provides tremendous support to orphans, improving not only their physical well-being, but also spiritual

Gaskoin says:

October 24, 2022 at 3:18 pm

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