Telco Productions Offers New, Returning Shows For Fall 2021

Syndicator Telco Productions is offering a variety of new shows for fall 2021, including Ready, Set, Renovate!, a weekly half-hour series featuring families changing their lives with improvements to their homes. Episodes showcase the ups and downs of home renovation and gives viewers a closer look at what it takes to improve their living space.

Telco is also offering Science Now, a new weekly half-hour addition to its lineup of E/I shows. Episodes feature topics from space exploration to plant biology to the latest in high technology advances.

Telco Productions also has returning shows for fall 2021:

  • Daily Flash, a daily news, entertainment and lifestyle strip available as a half-hour or hour Monday through Friday.
  • Boundless, an hour weekly sports program featuring extreme sports competition.
  • Inside Investigations, a weekly half-hour series spotlighting criminal activities and helping viewers protect themselves.
  • Chasing Down Madison Brown, a weekly half-hour series featuring food, music and travel.
  • Unseen World, a weekly half-hour series exploring amazing and little-known locations around America.
  • More Than the Music, a weekly half-hour music series featuring well-known and rising stars.
  • The Dr. Nandi Show, a weekly half-hour medical lifestyle series that seeks to improve the health of Americans with fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Telco also has returning E/I half-hour weeklies Animal Rescue, Dog Tales, Missing, Dragonfly TV, Biz Kids, Think Big, America’s Heartland, as well as non-E/I weekly half-hour shows Real Green, Hiring America and Coffee with America.

Plus, Telco offers many half-hour and hour specials during the broadcast season.

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