7 Seattle Stations Launch ATSC 3.0 Broadcasts

KOMO, KIRO, KCPQ, KING, KONG, KZJO and KUNS have implemented NextGen TV technology.

Seven television stations in Seattle, Wash. — KOMO (ABC), KIRO (CBS), KCPQ (Fox), KING (NBC), KONG (Ind.), KZJO (MNT) and KUNS (Univision), have begun broadcasting with NextGen TV or ATSC 3.0.

Based on the same fundamental technology as the Internet, digital applications, and other web services, NextGen TV can support a wide range of features currently in development, such as immersive audio and video (up to 4K), broadcasting to mobile devices, personalized viewing tools, and advanced emergency alerts providing rich media instead of simple text messages.

NextGen TV also allows full integration with 5G and other broadband-delivered Internet content.

Seattle-Tacoma is the largest market to launch to date with all major broadcasters collaborating to bring NextGen TV to the entire market, after the recent launch of NextGen TV in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla.

BitPath led the planning process and coordinated efforts across Seattle’s seven local television stations.

The participating stations have cooperated to ensure that current programming remains available to all viewers, regardless of whether their television service is provided over-the-air or by a cable or satellite company.


Cox Media Group President-CEO Dan York said: “KIRO 7 News is the local news source for the community in Western Washington and we have long-served our viewers with the breaking news, traffic and weather information they need to remain informed and make decisions in their daily lives. We always strive to bring our product to the communities we serve in the most innovative ways and we are proud and excited to further elevate our technology at KIRO with NextGen TV.”

Richard Friedel, EVP corporate engineering at Fox Television Stations, which owns KCPQ and KZJO, said: “As broadcasters, we must always consider ways to enhance our products for viewers to receive the best quality of our content. Working together with our fellow broadcasters to bring this new generation of innovative technology to viewers in the Seattle-Tacoma market delivers on that goal.”

Mark Aitken, senior vice president of advanced technology for Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of KOMO and KUNS, said: “Our Emerald City has truly become the nation’s technological core. It’s only appropriate that we usher in the latest revolution in broadcast innovation to our tech-savvy audience. We are thrilled to introduce the myriad benefits of NextGen TV to Seattle, taking the television viewing experience to new heights.”

“The launch of NextGen TV in Seattle-Tacoma is possible thanks to the hard work of our team at KONG and collaboration by our fellow broadcasters and stakeholders,” said Kurt Rao, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Tegna, owner of KING and KONG. “Tegna’s KONG is proud to serve as a lighthouse station as we begin NextGen TV broadcasts in one of the largest and most technologically innovative areas of the United States. As applications of this exciting new technology continue to develop, we look forward to utilizing the full potential of NextGen TV to create a more enriching and interactive viewing experience for our audience.”

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