AE Live Selects Custom Consoles For New Graphics Suites

AE Live, an international provider of sports-related television services, has selected Custom Consoles M-Desk-Technical control room furniture for integration into new graphics suites at premises in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, U.K. Six suites have been equipped, two with seven-bay and four with five-bay units.

“We specialize in delivering creative, innovative and data-rich services for live sport broadcasts,” said Andy McCall, AE Live’s facilities and health and safety manager. “That includes creating, developing and delivering on-screen graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality graphics, optimized feeds for devices and audiences, newsroom graphics, virtual advertising, and in-stadia feeds across a broad range of platforms and in multiple languages. The new graphics suites enable our staff to concentrate on projects delivered from the AE Live Campus without the visual or acoustic distractions that reduce concentration in an open-plan working environment.

“Custom Consoles’s M-Desk Technical series was the logical choice as it makes highly efficient use of the available space while retaining the freedom to specify the exact features we needed from a standardized range of structural elements. The resultant desks are very strongly built including under-desk pedestals to accommodate IT equipment, monitor display mounts and integral cable management. They also combine comfortable ergonomics with elegant styling.”

“MDesk-Technical continues to be a popular choice for IT-centric projects such as modern graphics suites,” added Gary Fuller, Custom Consoles’ sales manager. “The series is designed for control rooms where equipment is housed outside rather than inside the console and no control panels are embedded into the work surface.”

MDesk-Technical can be configured to suit any size of control room. Work surfaces are finished in Marmoleum or laminate on 24 mm thick birch plywood and powder coated MDF bases. Each desk includes full-width cable management with easy access via removable panels. Cable access to the work surface is via a full desk width brush strip.

Monitor mounting points spaced at intervals along the rear of the desk can be accessed by removing their plastic plugs. Cables can be routed through the vertical support legs or via cable boxes. Also included are 19-inch racking for mains distribution panels and continuous cable brush strip for desktop devices. Extruded aluminum legs with powder-coated feet are provided as standard, combining light weight and high structural rigidity.


The MDesk-Technical series is augmented by a matching 13 RU equipment pedestal, freestanding 19 inch desktop pods and storage furniture. Built at Custom Consoles’ UK manufacturing facility, MDesk-Technical can be delivered and installed within 21 working days from design approval.

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