BitFire Networks Part Of Bringing NCAA Football To Viewers

With the recent season kick-off, BitFire Network’s technology is assisting in TV broadcasting, live streaming and live video production for up to 10 games.

In partnership with L2 Productions, BitFire will support the backhaul of six camera feeds from onsite at the remote venue back to L2 studios in Austin, Texas. With servers installed at both locations, these camera feeds will be sent to the studio via the BitFire Transport Network. This proprietary, innovative network comprises many points of presence across the internet and around the world, with servers ranging from physical appliances co-located in data centers to cloud instances in geographically diverse areas.  The BitFire model allows each of these locations to be leveraged on a booking-by-booking basis to optimize the route a feed takes between its source and destination.

This workflow will allow L2 to have its crews edit and produce the game coverage from home, with only minimal staff onsite at the venue. BitFire says it will keep all the video feeds perfectly in-sync, allowing the L2 crews to simply produce the game as if they were onsite.

“Our technology today is state of the art in that it allows crews to function from home as if they were in the field,” said Bob Sullivan, BitFire president and CEO. “BitFire is the only company that has this capability all under one roof, making it a very reasonable option in live TV broadcasting.”

BitFire has already supported the Abilene Christian at SMU game on Sept. 4, as well as the North Texas at SMU game on Sept. 11th and is prepping for more.

“Using the BitFire Network, we are able to provide secure, reliable, IP-based remote production workflows to our partners in the NHL, MLB and NHL to name just a few,” Sullivan added. “We look forward to a very successful NCAA college football season.”


BitFire is a familiar face to the NCAA, providing technology for last year’s March Madness. As schools across the country dealt with COVID-19 social distancing and travel restrictions, Bitfire partnered with Westwood One and Learfield to provide program feeds for each respective team’s radio affiliate.

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