Black News Channel Taps Weather Metrics For Cameras

With four months until launch, the Black News Channel (BNC) is in full ramp-up mode. Included in this activity is the selection of Weather Metrics to provide cameras and software to develop a media hub for sharing live video content from all BNC’s locations.

Black News Channel, launching Nov. 15 at 6 a.m. ET, will be a multiplatform channel providing news, information and educational content.

Weather Metrics serves more than 150 broadcast clients in North America providing software and cameras to create live HD video content through a secure, cloud-based platform that integrates with stations.

“This network is important to America and the people we serve, so we’re going all out to build a first-class offering,” said Gary Wordlaw, VP of programming and news. “We’re focused on delivering the very best news and programming experience for the African-American viewer and it takes professional-grade everything to do that. So when it came to our equipment, using Weather Metrics for our camera network just made sense.”

BNC will operate as a 24/7 news channel and will launch to an estimated 33 million households — 23 million satellite TV households and 10 million cable TV households — in the top African American TV markets including New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

“We’re honored to be selected by BNC to provide these services,” said Peter Levey, president, Weather Metrics. “Our software, cameras, and weather sensors help stations tell the story of what’s happening in their community every day and on every platform. This pairs perfectly with what BNC’s is going to accomplish with their new channel.”


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