Blackbird Signs Post-Production Facilities To New BP3 Program

Blackbird, the developer and seller of the market-leading cloud video platform Blackbird, announces that it has signed up 14 post-production facilities to its new Blackbird Productions Partnership Program (BP3) in the last five months.

Launched in January, BP3 enables post-production facilities to offer the Blackbird cloud video platform to media production companies internationally. The BP3 program is in line with Blackbird’s strategy of building a commercial model whereby BP3 partners can sell to multiple partners rather than Blackbird selling directly.

Hundreds of TV programs use Blackbird in their video production workflows, including Gogglebox, Hunted, Gold Rush and Come Dine With Me to view, edit and log content during the production process each season.

Blackbird is a web-based platform agnostic, cloud-native application that requires no hardware investment. Production teams can access and edit video content via any browser using any device from anywhere in the world for easy, collaborative working. Blackbird’s unique flexibility delivers significant cost-savings to any company working with video.

Blackbird says its BP3 partners are carefully selected. The 14 industry leading post facilities already signed up to BP3 include Clear Cut Pictures, Evolutions, Halo, True North, MSV Post and ITV.

As well as being widely used in the production sector, Blackbird has a growing global user base across multiple sectors including sports, esports and news — customers include MSG Networks, IMG, Deltatre, NRL, Peloton, Gfinity and TownNews.


Ian McDonough, CEO of Blackbird, said: “We referred to this new model in our annual report and are really pleased that the post-production market has quickly adapted to reselling Blackbird as a service on our behalf. This is a win-win-win solution whereby we provide our patented Blackbird platform, together with high-end one-to-one training to post houses and they in turn build a revenue line through Blackbird. Our end customers have a wide and growing choice of where to go to use Blackbird and know they will get a world class and standardized service.”

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