Boris FX Continuum Releases Its Biggest Visual Effects Plugin

Boris FX Continuum 2021, the major new update to the post-production industry’s most storied plugin collection, delivers its largest release ever. Continuum 2021 pays homage to the bygone era of analog filmmaking with the inclusion of recently acquired Digital Film Tool (DFT) technology and looks to the future with new additions to Particle Illusion’s popular real-time mograph generator including 3D particles with one click.

Users can instantly transform digital video into classic Hollywood looks with 80 new cinematic plugin effects and more than 1,000 professionally-designed drag and drop presets. New creative options include film stocks, color grades based on iconic films, optical filter simulations, lens flares, a digital gobo library, light rays and glows, and a new FX Editor to quickly browse, tweak and save presets directly within the interface.

Continuum 2021 is now available for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and supported OFX host applications including Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, and VEGAS Pro. Current annual subscription and upgrade & support plan customers receive a complimentary update to the Continuum 2021 release.

“We are excited to deliver Continuum 2021 just as film and TV productions are beginning to start back up again,” says Boris Yamnitsky, president-founder, Boris FX. “This year has been difficult for all of us. The post-production industry has adapted to working remotely and productions are often working with smaller crews and less financial resources. The Continuum 2021 release provides endless new cinematic options to editors and artists and also helps cinematographers realize their full artistic vision without worrying about expensive optical glass filters, gobos, lights, colored gels, etc. Continuum 2021 gives users the power to quickly and easily change essential elements of look development. And the new Edge Cleaner effect, included in Continuum’s award-winning chroma key technology (Primatte Studio), produces even cleaner compositing results when working with green screen footage.”

“Particle Illusion 2021 (included in Continuum 2021 and as a free standalone application) is more an evolution than an update with the inclusion of 3D, turbulence, and lines jet propelling the feature set. It allows me to be more creative than ever before,” states John Dickinson, motion designer and director of motion graphics, Boris FX. “The inclusion of 3D adds an extra dimension to the looks I can create and more flexibility when working in 3D in After Effects. Turbulence makes my particle simulations move more organically and lines add another creative option to my motion graphics toolset. This is a no-brainer update for all Particle Illusion users.”

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