Canon CR-N700 4K PTZ Camera Getting Firmware Update To Enable Addition Of Paid Add-On Applications

Canon U.S.A., a provider of digital imaging solutions, today announced the upcoming “Add-On Applications System” for PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) remote cameras that will provide access to add new paid video production features, beginning with auto tracking and auto loop applications for the company’s flagship 4K PTZ camera, the CR-N700.

The auto tracking application will give the CR-N700 the ability to automatically pan, tilt and zoom to track moving subjects, and the auto loop application will allow users to program and automate repeated camera movements. The Add-on Applications System will be available to be added to the CR-N700 via a future firmware update. Going forward, Canon plans to expand the lineup of applications offered by its Add-On Applications System, as well as the lineup of compatible remote camera models.

These initial paid add-on applications, Canon says, “uniquely position Canon in the PTZ market as the applications run from within the camera itself, while competitive models may require end-users to run an external device to operate the auto tracking and auto loop applications. With the addition of the Add-On Applications System, customers can now directly add the new capabilities to the PTZ camera, providing a better value for end-users.”

Auto Tracking Add-On Application
The auto tracking paid add-on application allows automatic tracking according to a subject’s movements. As the subject moves, the camera will pan, tilt and zoom to maintain the subject’s composition in the frame. This added function helps to reduce the camera operator’s workload, letting them focus on other tasks such as camera switching and streaming, and allows for multi-camera shoots with fewer people on set.

The auto tracking, Canon says, “is highly responsive, allowing for full body, upper body and head and torso tracking at both slow and normal walking speeds, and full body and upper body tracking at fast walking speed.” In addition, the auto tracking application provides users with a wide range of adjustment functions such as composition, tracking sensitivity, priority display area, fixed viewing angle area, tracking target auto select, pan/tilt halting area, initial position, auto select exclusion, and pan/tilt operation control.

Auto Loop Add-On Application


The auto loop paid add-on application helps automate repeated camera movements, potentially lessening the burden on camera operators. Camera operators will now have the flexibility to select between two repeated movements, loop or back-and-forth, based on needs and the shooting environment. The ability to adjust acceleration and deceleration when starting and stopping movement between two preset positions helps to present more professional-looking content. For added convenience, camera operators can adjust settings such as position, route, preview, and start from one screen.

Pricing and Availability

The firmware update to add the “Add-On Applications System” is scheduled to be available in March. The paid Auto Tracking and Auto Loop Add-On applications are scheduled to be available in April 2023 for $1,200 and $800, respectively. Additional details about these paid applications will be available shortly. For more information, visit

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