Dalet Updates Media Logistics, AI-Driven Production & IP Ingest/Playout Products

Today, Dalet introduced what it calls “significant updates” across its media logistics, AI-driven production and IP ingest and playout product lines.

Cloud-native platforms Dalet Flex, Dalet Media Cortex and Dalet Brio support the industry’s continued transition with flexible hybrid and cloud workflows offering media organizations the digital dexterity they require to power work-from-home scenarios.

Dalet said “robust APIs and integration panels simplify collaboration with creative tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and enterprise applications like Salesforce and Slack, enabling transformative media and business workflows for Dalet customers.”

Updates include:

  • “The new FlexXTEND Panel, which provides enhanced NLE integration with creative tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro. The panel features full search and content discovery with free text searching for general queries; advanced filters and sorting for targeted queries against any metadata, and saved searches for common queries.
  • “The Dalet Brio ingest and playout platform provides media companies a smooth transition path to full IP production workflows. Offering maximum flexibility for creating and delivering content across hybrid infrastructures, Dalet Brio supports greater density with more ingest and playout streams, making it even easier and faster for companies to migrate operations to IP without disrupting existing workflows that still rely on SDI.
  • “The Dalet Media Cortex AI service platform leverages cognitive services and machine learning to offer Dalet customers powerful speech to text, object recognition, facial recognition and automated subtitling services. Recent additions include APIs to translate captions while preserving timing information, eliminating the need to manually re-time translated captions.”

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