Election Year Threats In Spotlight At CBR

An incident response simulation focused on a period of heightened risk will open TVNewsCheck’s Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat on Feb. 12 in Orlando.

An immersive incident response simulation depicting an Election Day 2020 security breach will kick off TVNewsCheck’s third annual Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat.

The high-pressure simulation, led by veteran cybersecurity and risk strategy adviser Sali Osman, CISSP, CISM, SRISC, will train TV engineering, IT and security executives and managers to react calmly and effectively in the face of a breach occurring when television news operations will be in high gear covering the election.

“Television engineering, IT and security managers are on alert for a variety of potential security breaches this year,” said Kathy Haley, publisher and co-founder of TVNewsCheck. “Sali will challenge TV engineers to collaborate with their colleagues in IT and security to address an escalating threat and find the best path to regaining full control.”

In addition to opening the Retreat with the Election Day 2020 Incident Response Simulation, Osman will return to the spotlight the next day, to lead a workshop on Securing the News Environment for the 2020 Election Year. The workshop will take place Thursday, Feb. 13, at 4:15–5 p.m. and will generate a list of best practices for managing potential cyberattacks to helping journalists identify deep fake videos and disinformation campaigns.

The CBR takes place at Renaissance at Sea World in Orlando and will focus particularly on how TV engineers can partner with IT and security to reduce risk and enhance resilience.

The retreat features broadcasters- and vendors-only Private Information Exchanges where participants can safely discuss sensitive issues in a secure setting.


Targeted educational sessions planned for the retreat include Engineering + IT: Breaking Down Walls to Secure the Production & Distribution Environment; Planning Secure Mergers and Acquisitions; Minimizing Insider Threats; and Securing the Television Supply Chain and Security in the Cloud.

All CBR participants must sign a confidentiality agreement, and Chatham House Rules will be in effect.

To register for or learn more about the Cybersecurity Retreat for Broadcasters, click here.

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