Endavo To Launch Global Streaming Apps Ahead Of Democratic National Convention

Endavo Media and Communications, a global video distribution platform for innovative creators and communities, announced today that it will partner with the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) to live stream the 2020 convention, taking place Aug. 17-20, as the official over-the-top (OTT) platform provider. The event will be available through a custom app developed by Endavo, which will be available for download on three major streaming devices — Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

“The convention is a critical opportunity to unite the country around our shared values and Vice President Biden’s vision for a better, safer future,” said DNCC COO Andrew Binns. “This year, we are looking for even more ways to bring Americans together and to highlight the stories and ideas of voters and delegates from across the country, and we look forward to doing so through our content-on-demand apps and live stream.”

The new app will provide a free destination for live coverage of the entire convention. In addition to the complete convention livestream, viewers will have access to bonus live and on-demand content. With this experience, fans will have access to the four-day event, as well as the entire convention recording once it wraps, through the end of 2020.

“We’re beyond excited for the opportunity to support the 2020 Democratic National Convention through our OTT technology to give viewers a high-quality and interactive experience,” shared Paul Hamm, founder and CEO of Endavo. “We hope the timely launch of these apps for the DNCC, along with the entire convention streamed live, will help redefine how technology and democracy can work together to shape our country’s conversations for years to come.”

“During this unprecedented pandemic, the DNCC has seized the opportunity to democratize one of the cornerstones of the American political cycle — the party nominating convention — to greatly expand access to an event,” said Steve Glickman, an adviser to Endavo and former senior economic adviser to President Obama. “We look forward to connecting tens of millions of viewers and voters to more content, placing the spotlight on the full slate of diverse perspectives on display in Milwaukee.



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