Evertz Launches Container-Based Compression Platform On Google Cloud

Evertz, a global provider of media and entertainment technology solutions, says that its advanced, software-defined, MediaFlow platform was virtualized, containerized and launched on Google cloud.

Containers can be managed and launched using Evertz Compression Headend Management software in any Google cloud region and on premises. Using Evertz’ vNATX license on the virtualized MUXIP platform, signals are routed and transmitted without packet loss using the open source SRT protocol. Customers can use Evertz cloud edge devices to send signals to the cloud platform for processing; all managed using Evertz Compression Headend Management Software.

The Virtual MediaFlow platform uses dynamic load driven installation and region redundancy. Signals are transmitted in low latency and can be scaled to a global network in a matter of seconds.

MediaFlow allows customers to delay, adjust lipsync, audio transcode and modify/insert data in compressed flow to onboard on distribution and OTT platforms.

“Broadcasters and transmission service providers are demanding reliable, cost-effective, low latency cloud processing, encoding and distribution systems,” be done anywhere in the world,” said Abdullah Merei, senior director of compression systems at Evertz.

The virtualized MediaFlow platform enables customers to contribute content using edge uplink to Google cloud where processing, transcoding, capture and global retransmission can seamlessly.


Evertz Compression Headend Management software comprises Etiquette, Vistalink and IRM software platforms. The compression headend management system provides easy to use provisioning, activation and look ahead scheduling features. The Compression Headend Management uses Kubernetes container orchestration to deploy, scale and manage containers making deployment simple both on premises and in the cloud.

“With Etiquette, Evertz solutions can simultaneously integrate on-prem and cloud based orchestration systems to provide a full hybrid services deployment infrastructure. Etiquette’s scheduling and license management brings high availability service management and ensures your deployments will always have the required resources and licensing needed,” said Colin Brown, Evertz technical director.

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