Griffin Media Releases OTT Apps Powered By Whiz Technologies

Whiz Technologies has delivered new OTT television apps for Griffin Media‘s two broadcast television stations. All the apps are available in the respective app stores and are being actively used.

Richard Cox, Griffin director of digital services, said: “We had very specific requirements for our OTT apps, most notably the ability to alert the viewer when a new live video stream was available. We spoke to several vendors and Whiz was the only one ready and able to deliver this technology for us. Adding support for OTT was a natural next step for us, because Whiz has helped manage our news mobile apps for several years. This excellent working relationship has made Whiz a key partner for our app strategy.”

“We are very pleased to be the vendor of choice and part of the team delivering OTT apps for Griffin Media’s broadcast television stations,” said Nikhil Modi, founder and CEO of Whiz Technologies. “We have built and included two cutting edge features in our OTTNewsPack platform, Always Playing and Live Alert. The Always Playing feature allows the user to continue to browse for additional shows and videos while playing one video. The Live Alert feature lets the user know when there is other live programming available to watch.”

Houston Hunt, Griffin’s VP of marketing, added: “Their development speed and focus on delivering solutions has made Whiz one of our best Digital partners.”

Whiz Technologies introduced OTTNewsPack and Mobile-Apps-as-Service (MaaS) solution for the media industry in 2010. Now in its sixth generation, this solution lets content owners engage their mobile audience, monetize content, measure usability and make real-time modifications to their OTT and mobile applications.

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