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Shotoku | Stand 12.E42| http://www.shotoku.tv/jp/

Shotoku Broadcast Systems has returned to IBC with enhancements and upgrades for its robotic camera control platform, including the SmartPed and SmartRail camera support solutions. It is also showing an improved TR-XT remote camera control system with an improved External Control Automation Interface (ECI), introducing its new SD and SE series manual tripod, and highlighting its popular Free-d2 absolute tracking system.

SmartPed Robotic Pedestal — Shotoku’s SmartPed Robotic Pedestal, a fully robotic XY pedestal that addresses the creative and commercial demands of on-air environments is front and center on the stand. The three-wheel smooth-steer pedestal has been upgraded with multi-zone collision avoidance and detection systems, a precision-engineered, electro-mechanical steer/drive system and a new height column that eliminates any need of pneumatic balancing, SmartPed offers instant switchover between local/remote operation, which makes the pedestal versatile and easily operated in any application.  No re-reference or calibration is ever required when switching between these modes and a pan-bar mounted local joystick enables easy control from the studio floor as necessary.  Intended specifically for use in demanding, high-profile live TV productions day after day, the SmartPed design has reliability and ease of use built-in from the start.

SmartRail — Shotoku’s highly adaptable rail camera system, SmartRail, supports floor or ceiling operation and a range of height column configurations, in both upright and inverted modes.  SmartRail combines the precision and flexibility of Shotoku control systems with a rail-based dolly and column system to provide a unique perspective on any live, multi-camera studio production. SmartRail can optionally provide absolute tracking data for complex AR/VR graphics applications.

External Control Interface (ECI) Automation Interface for TR-XT — Shotoku is also showcasing its flagship TR-XT remote camera control system with an upgraded and enhanced External Control Automation Interface (ECI). ECI’s powerful new features add a layer of intuitiveness and functionality to TR-XT including pre-set shot recall functionality and full joystick trim control to adjust and restore the pre-sets as necessary, from the automation system or switcher itself.

This additional external control also allows shots to be trimmed on-air without the need for a dedicated camera operator via the automation system. The enhanced ECI provides an interface for Facility Management and Control Systems (FMCS) enabling a TR-XT to be reconfigured remotely as well.


NEW SD & SE Manual Tripod Series — IBC attendees see the first tripods from Shotoku’s new SD and SE ranges. The SD range has been developed to provide a quality, affordable system for handheld cameras. Available in 2 variants, the SD20 will support 3Kg, and the SD40 5Kg, cameras.  The systems feature fixed counterbalance and drag systems tailored to the payload of the head and come complete with 2-stage tripod mid-level spreader and soft carry case.

The SE range evolved from a concept of providing a support with high functionality and wide-ranging applications for the extended range of camera systems now available. The SE80 and SE150 are the first products to launch from this range and feature a high-quality drag system to ensure smooth on-air moves, and a multiple level counterbalance system to provide accurate balancing for a wide range of cameras.  The SE80 supports up to 10Kg payloads and the SE150 up to 16Kg.  The systems come complete with aluminum or carbon fibre 2-stage tripod, ground or mid-level spreader, and soft carry case.

Free-d2 Absolute Tracking System — This system provides highly accurate and constantly referenced (absolute) position tracking. Free-d2 uses advanced video processing algorithms and simple ceiling markers to determine the exact position and orientation of the studio camera without physical encoder devices attached to the camera support’s moving axes. With Free-d2, a studio is calibrated once, and only once, during the lifetime of the system.

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