Lawo: Evertz Legal Claims Are Unfounded

In response to Evertz’s recent press release about its patent infringement suit against Lawo, Lawo strongly denies any infringement of patents as alleged by Evertz and believes that the allegedly infringed patents are invalid.

The Evertz lawsuit asserts that Lawo infringes seven patents relating to Evertz’ internet protocol-based video routing and switching technology and multi-image multi-display video processing technology.

Lawo said today that it “will vigorously defend itself against the unfounded claims that Evertz alleges and it strongly asserts that it has committed no wrongdoing.

“Lawo is a longtime innovator and reliable partner whose strategy is characterized by close customer orientation and highly advanced technology. Evertz has filed suit for patent infringement in the United States District Court in Delaware, a separate lawsuit in Canada, and recently issued a press release. “Their press release is part of a global public relations campaign which obviously goes beyond the mere protection of Evertz’s alleged rights in court.

“The press release,” Lawo continues, “fails to state that the Canadian action was struck by the court on Feb. 28, 2019, because Evertz failed to articulate a material basis for its claim. In addition, Evertz failed to state in the amended complaint it filed in the United States that its Canadian action was stricken.”

Claudia Nowak, CFO of Lawo, said: “As we approach our 50th year of business, our customers understand that honesty and integrity have formed the pillar of our success over these years. We believe our success has made us the target of Evertz. We will vigorously defend the lawsuits and will pursue all appropriate legal actions against Evertz. Business will continue as usual and there should not be any impact on our customers while these matters are pending.”


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