Live Vertical Converts Horizontal TV Streams To Vertical For Phones

French rolling digital news channel BFMTV debuted “Live Vertical,” a new smartphone user experience. Developed in collaboration with French start-up, Wildmoka, the Live Vertical solution automatically converts the horizontal frames of standard TV streams to a vertical format better suited to smartphone screens.

The companies say Live Vertical revolutionizes the TV viewing experience on a smartphone. Thanks to a new way of managing live production workflows and the addition of a dedicated stream, the traditional horizontal format of television is automatically “rezoned” into a mobile-friendly vertical format.

Now, whenever BFMTV is viewed from a smartphone, the entire mobile screen will be occupied with content, regardless of device, brand or model. This is a major difference from the standard approach which broadcasts a horizontal image into the vertical screen making it too small and difficult to watch.

Turning horizontal TV images to a vertical format represents a significant

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