Management Upheaval At Grass Valley

Grass Valley President and CEO Tim Shoulders is out and so is Marco Lopez, GM, live production, in a shakeup that now sees Louis Hernandez Jr., CEO of parent company Black Dragon and GV executive chairman, at the helm.

Longtime broadcast technology provider Grass Valley has undergone significant management changes, 16 months after being acquired from Belden Inc. by private equity firm Black Dragon Capital.

President and CEO Tim Shoulders, a former Belden executive who took the reins of Grass Valley in January 2018 and led the company’s shift to cloud-based software products, has left the company. Marco Lopez, GM, live production, a Miranda and Grass Valley veteran who rejoined the company in March 2020 after a stint as ChyronHego CEO, has also left.

The departures come a month after Shoulders presided over a virtual press conference where Grass Valley announced a new corporate identity and marketing campaign with the tagline “We Love Live,” emphasizing the company’s roots in live production. It also comes just three weeks after the appointment of former Avid and Media Broadcast executive Jan Lange as Grass Valley’s chief revenue officer, reporting to Shoulders. Lange and other top GV management now report to Black Dragon CEO and GV Executive Chairman Louis Hernandez Jr.

“Grass Valley has recently simplified its organizational structure in order to accelerate the focus on the company’s GV Media Universe (GVMU) strategy,” said Grass Valley Chief Marketing Officer Neil Maycock in a statement. “The changes will enable the company to capitalize on the strong market response to the GVMU and make investments in its award-winning product suite.

“As the company’s next phase of growth will include a focus on expanding the overall product suite and emphasizing its cloud native platform, the simpler and clearer organizational structure will include Michael Hofer (CFO), responsible for finance, general and administration, Jan Lange (CRO), responsible for all client relationships, alliances and partnerships, Sydney Lovely (CTO), responsible for all product and company technology, and Neil Maycock (CMO) responsible for all product, client delivery and marketing. We thank the outgoing executives for their support in managing the transition from Belden.”

At press time, Shoulders and Lopez had not responded to requests for comment.


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Weedlord Bonerhitler says:

November 26, 2021 at 6:38 pm

Getting fired twice by the same company, I’m at a loss as to who this reflects worse on. Probably Grass Valley though right? I mean they experienced how poor a leader Marco was, and they knew that he was at the helm when they committed all that financial fraud