Media Links Debuts V2 Of ProMD EMS Enhanced Management Software

Media Links, manufacturer of media over IP transport technology, has debuted ProMD EMS version 2.0 of its enhanced management software for the company’s MD series eco-system solution portfolio.

This portfolio includes the MD8000 media over ip transport platform, MDX100G IP switches and the MDP3000 IP media gateways.
ProMD EMS v2.0 provides a more contemporary graphical user interface with user customizable themes and styles, intuitively designed to configure, provision, manage, and troubleshoot IP media networks. Every workspace can be tailored by the operator/user and linked to others.

Scalable in terms of price/performance, ProMD EMS v2.0 provides network operators and broadcasters the ability to quickly bring new services online for studio, remote and field locations, all while monitoring and maintaining the reliability of active circuits, trunks, and network devices. The software’s multi-level topology view and innovative cross-linked device, card, circuit, and log screens make service provisioning and proactive troubleshooting over the network fast and accurate.

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A new powerful feature enhancement of v2.0 is Advanced User Access (also referred to as segmentation) whereby very granular and specific roles, actions and rights management can be assigned to each user or user group. For example: a large network spanning several geographic regions can be segmented such that operators in each region only control and view their related equipment and services and not those of the other regions.

More granular access rights can also be assigned for specific devices, locations, circuits, and orders. A high-level user/administrator can be granted full unfettered access across all regions of the entire network.

“ProMD EMS version 2.0 delivers on our strategic efforts to provide more powerful and targeted software management tools, making it simpler and more efficient for broadcasters and network service providers to operate and maintain mission critical, contribution quality media over IP networks,” said Mark Podesla, senior manager of product management & marketing.


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“Deliveries of ProMD EMS v2.0 software are scheduled to begin shortly to several of our prominent customers,” he added.

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