Mediakind Delivers Enhanced Advertising Portfolio

MediaKind, a global media technology leader, today announced that its advertising and content distribution rights portfolio, Prisma, has been reconfigured with a new flexible, modular feature set. The company says it has been reshaped “to unlock the full revenue potential of advertising and alternate content across broadcast and IP networks.”

The Prisma Core and Prisma Edge products provide highly specialized content distribution rights definition and enforcement and targeted advertising capabilities, including DAI, localized content, content blackouts and security against piracy.

MediaKind’s newly enhanced, modular advertising portfolio enables customers to take advantage of new monetization opportunities and protect against constantly evolving challenges introduced by a digital world. Prisma can be deployed as a solution in the cloud, as an appliance, or as components integrated into the Aquila portfolio.

Prisma Core helps to bridge the gap between content providers and service providers by delivering advanced scheduling control and enabling rules enforcement for traditional broadcast, as well as OTT-based delivery. Prisma Edge lets content providers and video service providers “deliver engaging viewing experiences, monetize their advertising inventory and simultaneously meet contractual and legal obligations,” the company said.

Enhancements to MediaKind’s Prisma products include playlist management for linear ad replacement; added support for SCTE-18 policy ingest formats in support of Emergency Alert System (EAS) US regulatory compliance; new content placement management; improved ad routing policies; and new viewing enablement via in-manifest tracking URLs for HLS. The Prisma portfolio consists of two key products with further additions to come later this year:

MediaKind has launched a new application paper Unifying Advertising and Alternate Content across Broadcast & IP Networks, which will be presented in full during a webinar on Wednesday, April 22 (10 a.m. ET). Christophe Kind, director market development, video advertising, MediaKind, will explore a variety of different use cases and applications that can address issues with viewing rights, placement management, media composing and advanced TV advertising. To register for the webinar, please click here.


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