MultiDyne Chief Operating Officer Bob McAlpine Retires

Bob McAlpine, COO of MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions has retired, effective immediately, following a 46-year career in the broadcast industry. While retiring from his role as MultiDyne’s COO, he will join MultiDyne’s newly formed board of directors, and remain active as a consultant.

McAlpine joined MultiDyne as COO in September 2019 following the company’s acquisition of Census Digital, which he facilitated as president of Black Pearl Management Group. McAlpine will continue to operate Black Pearl Management Group, advising MultiDyne and other industry vendors on mergers, acquisitions and global growth strategies.

McAlpine launched his broadcast career in the early 1970s, gaining experience in varied operations and engineering roles before transitioning to the supplier side. He joined PESA in 1987 as senior vice president, sales and marketing, a role he maintained for 17 successful years. He subsequently took on VP and C-Level positions with QuStream, MultiDyne (in a previous role), Telecast Fiber Systems and Cobalt Digital, where he was elevated to CEO in 2016.

McAlpine formed Black Pearl Management Group in 2018, leveraging his depth of experience and strong industry relationships to help broadcast suppliers drive more efficient and profitable business operations. This led him back to MultiDyne where, following the Census Digital acquisition, he expanded the company’s international presence and market share as COO.

“Bob was a friend to MultiDyne and a mentor to me well before he first joined the company in 2007,” said Frank Jachetta, CEO, MultiDyne. “Bob would bring industry press and prospective customers by our 10×10 booth at NAB many years ago and take us out to industry events in the evenings. He has continued to be a mentor to everyone at MultiDyne since returning, and his contributions have been essential to our evolution as a company. He will continue to play an active and important role in our evolution, including some key growth initiatives that we expect to announce later this year.” 

Based in Rhode Island, McAlpine can be reached via Black Pearl Management Group at [email protected].


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