NAB Show: Storj To Demonstrate Next-Gen Cloud Storage

Storj, a provider of enterprise-grade, globally distributed cloud object storage will be showcasing the latest version of Storj, with the newest features of its global network at NAB Show (April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center) in Booth N1822.

The latest updates build on the company’s existing distributed model to allow for less latency, reduced data transfer times, and unprecedented performance, security, and scalability.

According to Storj, “This next evolution of its network is globally faster than industry giants like AWS, enabling media companies to reduce cloud storage costs by 10x without sacrificing reliability or performance.”

Media companies rely heavily on the cloud, not only for storing and streaming digital assets but for day to day workflows. With data stored globally across over 22,000 nodes, Storj says its distributed model “makes file sharing across teams quick and efficient, regardless of their location because the data is retrieved from the closest nodes. Storj’s latest enhancements make the network faster, streamlining workflows and accelerating project timelines for global production teams. Not only does the Storj distributed architecture result in speed of file delivery, it also reduces costs because the files are not required to be replicated across regional data centers.”

It also says that in addition to video archival and collaboration, Storj’s distributed network has “CDN-like performance that makes it an ideal solution for streaming. The distributed global network of nodes store and retrieve data, instead of centralized servers or a CDN. This results in improved performance and lower latency when accessing data globally because there are more paths for the data to take — rather than depending on the performance of a single centralized source. With this fundamental advantage, Storj can provide fast and reliable access to video content around the globe without maintaining or paying for multiple copies stored in different locations. Storj’s latest enhancements make the network up to 40x faster for high definition video downloads.”

Bruce van Zyl, co-founder of Tribe Social, says: “Our monthly cloud storage and bandwidth costs were spiraling towards a six-figure expense, and we knew we needed to find an alternative to the AWS, Vimeo, Wistia, JW Player video tech stack for Tribe Social. Once we discovered Storj’s decentralized cloud storage solution we realized that we could save significant amounts of money. The cost-savings made it an easy decision to switch, and now our platform reliably distributes videos that load quickly with over 100TB of data transmitted every day.”


Storj says it is “up to 90% percent less expensive and faster on a global basis than hyperscalers, making it an attractive option for media companies looking to reduce costs while still benefiting from enterprise-grade durability, reliability and security. In Storj’s distributed model all data is encrypted, redundantly sharded and globally distributed, making it highly resilient to failure. There is no centralized trove of unencrypted data to be attacked by malicious parties or compromised by careless administrators, making it ransomware resistant.

“Additionally, because Storj uses existing hard drive capacity, it is one of the greenest cloud storage solutions available. The global network of storage nodes uses primarily spare capacity on drives already running, requiring no incremental equipment, power or space. Designed from the outset to be environmentally sustainable, Storj has been able to create the storage capacity of multiple datacenters without new construction or energy consumption. Analysis suggests that the carbon footprint of Storj is less than 1/10 of that of more traditional storage.”

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