Ncam Reality 2021 Ships Amid Rising Demands For Virtual Production

Ncam has announced the immediate availability of Ncam Reality 2021, its most advanced real-time tracking technology for film, broadcast and live events. With Ncam Reality’s fast path to virtual graphics, users can now track on any camera, lens or rig, regardless of environment, “opening up a wealth of visual possibilities for brands that want to build CGI into their productions,” according to the company.


“COVID-19 forced all of us to rethink how content gets created, from safety requirements to the logistics of working from home,” said Nic Hatch, Ncam CEO. “The beauty of virtual graphics is their flexibility. With the right tracking equipment, you can visualize live XR, real-time CGI, set extensions and more directly in-camera, onsite or remotely, giving productions a way to stay on track during trying times.”


The new Ncam Reality solution for real-time camera tracking includes a Mk2 Camera Bar, Mk2 Server and Ncam Reality 2021 software. Built on modified Intel RealSense hardware, the Mk2 Camera Bar offers advanced tracking indoors and out, using a lightweight design that fits on any camera. Ncam says its Reality hybrid sensors can handle every tracking technique, from natural features and fiducial objects to reflective markers, bringing more flexibility and control to the production.



With a seamless integration with Unreal Engine and native support for LED walls, Ncam Reality aids virtual production, allowing VFX teams to explore virtual locations, character designs and shot options with the director and cinematographer much earlier in the process. By creating a 3D point cloud of the surrounding environment, the software can automatically determine the optimum tracking algorithm for any point in time, leading to greater accuracy and the same level of results seen on Game of Thrones and The Midnight Sky.


A staple of CNBC and Sky Sports, Ncam Reality can be incorporated into a live or taped production in a matter of minutes. Ncam Reality opens up the world of smart stages and XR to broadcasters in the smallest package possible. At 288 grams, the Mk2 Camera Bar can travel easily from studio to outdoor event, giving studios more leeway as they craft their productions. Remote access has also been added, allowing teams to control everything via a phone, tablet or PC, so they can do more from afar.


Thanks to a new GUI and simplified controls, Ncam Reality’s software is even more approachable for live and specialty productions. As AR/MR continues to expand into marketing, enterprise and esports, camera tracking is becoming more important for companies that need a natural blend between real and synthetic. With all the data processed locally, teams no longer have to grapple with a complicated setup to create compelling graphics. They can just attach Mk2, link up and go.


Ncam Reality 2021 is shipping now. For all upgrade paths, contact Ncam here. To book a demo, click here.

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