Nordic Film Chooses ioGates Cloud-Based Video Platform

ioGates, provider of cloud-based tools for sharing and distributing professional media files, said that Nordic Film is using its professional-grade cloud-based video platform and easy-to-use web interface to share media and collaborate securely across departments and with external partners.

One of Scandinavia’s largest private media organizations, Nordic Film has implemented the ioGates video platform across multiple sites and in departments ranging from production to sales and distribution to guarantee a highly secure workflow for handling high-value media assets.

“We offer a wide and diverse range of production services, from conception and development to production, postproduction, sales, and distribution,” said Line Kristensen of Nordic Film. “The people involved in a project can be just as widespread and diverse, with several people or groups of people needing to see content and give input. Given the fast-paced nature of media production today, our operations require a solution that allows us to share media immediately with anyone who needs to see it — a staff member or a client — and to share that content with the utmost security.”

“Nordic Film came to us requesting a solution that would ensure a highly secure workflow without compromising the ease of use for which our flagship ioGates cloud-based video management platform is known,” said Jesper Andersen, ioGates CEO. “We responded instantly, and the customized implementation of our ioGates platform — incorporating digital rights management, advanced watermarking technology, and convenient authentication functionality — was deployed within Nordic Film facilities across Scandinavia.”

To enable a secure workflow for Nordic Film, the ioGates video management platform supports digital rights management (DRM) encryption all the way to the monitor and uses personalized watermarking to embed the receiver’s email into the video proxy preview file. Adding both security and convenience for end users, the platform also features ioGates’ two-factor authentication and single sign-on service.

Requiring neither advanced technical knowledge nor IT support, the ioGates platform can be used immediately by both employees and partners. The platform’s web-based portal makes it easy for Nordic Film, which has offices and more than 250 employees throughout Scandinavia, to secure, share, and exchange audiovisual content among its various offices, departments, and content partners.


With the ability to upload, convert, share, and distribute content in any video format, program producers and other staff at Nordic Film offices around the world can send, receive, and approve professional video files quickly.

ioGates has supplied similar hosting solutions to broadcasters such as Danish Broadcasting Corp., Chimney Group, Eurovision Song Contest, Viasat Sport, MTG, Norwegian Broadcasting Corp., and Discovery Networks.

“This deployment across Nordic Film proves that our ioGates platform is a viable option not just for broadcasters, but for any multisite — and indeed multinational — media organization,” Andersen concluded. “We’re pleased to be providing Nordic Film and other Scandinavian media industry leaders with robust solutions for secure, straightforward media sharing and collaboration.”

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