OBE Enabling IP Delivery Through Cerberus LiveLink

Encoders and decoders from Open Broadcast Systems are powering Livelink, the IP delivery solution recently launched by Cerberus.

Livelink is an internet-based product designed to move valuable live content from source to destination without the need for expensive traditional infrastructure and services. It operates as a self-service web portal that lets broadcasters and other media distributors schedule and manage bookings against valuable live content, such as sporting matches, special events, news, or other on-location activity.

Livelink has been developed using OBE C100 and C200 encoders and decoders from Open Broadcast Systems. These enable the delivery of high-quality video with low latency and run as apps which Cerberus has been able to simply embed within its Livelink solution. The C100 model is ideal for entry level news and sports content, whereas the C200 can be used to encode and decode premium broadcast content still at a low price point.

Chris Clarke, CEO, Cerberus, said: “With Livelink we are providing an efficient yet cost effective way to get live video from source to destination quickly. At the same time, it is important to have the right, good quality solutions in place so that our customers can be confident in the quality of the video. Open Broadcast Systems encoders enable excellent quality while keeping our solution at the right price point.”

Open Broadcast System’s encoders are generally used for contribution over IP. This integration with Livelink sees them being used to good effect at delivery.

Kieran Kunhya, managing director, Open Broadcast Systems, added: “Cerberus has a really innovative approach with this self-service platform for live delivery over IP. The benefits to customers are huge, giving them the efficiencies of IP delivery and full flexibility to schedule and pay only for the content they need. Our solutions fit well in this model.”


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