Penthera Named Akamai Media Technology Partner

Penthera, a provider of mobile video streaming software, has been qualified by Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, as a Media Technology Partner.

Penthera’s Download2Go and other solutions that optimize the mobile video experience are used by TV networks and content hubs to increase customer engagement. As part of the partnership, Akamai’s sales team will help identify opportunities among its extensive list of partners and customers where Penthera’s products can provide additional value.

“Akamai is committed to helping its customers deliver high-performing video streaming experiences to their audiences,” said PJ Joseph, Akamai SVP global media and carrier sales. “Viewers today expect to take their content on the go, which can often require a platform that supports download and offline playback. By working together, Penthera and Akamai will continue to solve the challenges of delivering high-quality video at scale.”

As part of the vetting procedure for Akamai’s Media Technology Partner program, Penthera’s download technology was put through a testing and qualification process. Akamai tests to ensure that the software meets optimized content delivery qualifications, including device storage management, reporting, and digital rights management.

“Akamai is the backbone of the streaming video industry, working with the biggest names in TV, movies and video,” said Dan Taitz, Penthera president-COO. “We’re excited to work in conjunction with Akamai to reach and serve many customers around the world. Presenting an optimal viewing experience will reward content owners with deeper consumer engagement, elevating them above a crowded and competitive streaming marketplace. After all, in the battle for engagement, the first thing you have to be is available, and Penthera and Akamai’s solutions together ensure that an app is available to users 24/7/365.”

Penthera said its research indicates that a majority of viewers are frustrated with their mobile video experience at least half of the time, with many viewers eventually giving up and abandoning a video. Buffering remains the No. 1 source of frustration, with 65% of viewers saying it makes it hard to enjoy the viewing experience.


The company addresses these issues through its Download2Go and FastPlay solutions. Download2Go allows viewers to download episodes and movies and watch them whenever they’d like, even with less-than-optimal WiFi conditions. Meanwhile, FastPlay is a buffer-free video launcher that starts live streaming the moment play is pressed, without the start-up delay that causes buffer rage.

The Penthera software suite also includes a subscription product, allowing viewers to subscribe to content, which will automatically download onto their devices once it becomes available, as well as push notifications for when new content is available, and an embargo feature that helps avoid network crashes.

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