Pliant Technologies Bringing High Density Mode To NAB Show

Pliant Technologies will be presenting high density mode for both its CrewCom and CrewCom CB2 wireless intercom systems at 2022 NAB Show (April 23-27 in Las Vegas) in Booth C7118.

High density mode is a selectable mode of operation that greatly increases user densities. CrewCom, this new software-selectable mode supports up to 32 Radio Packs (RPs) on a single radio transceiver (RT) while dynamically allowing any four of the RPs to communicate in full-duplex across four available talk paths. For CB2, the high density mode supports up to 16 Radio Packs on a single base station. In addition, users of both systems will have the flexibility to simultaneously deploy “normal” mode-enabled RPs and RTs (synced base stations for CB2) along with high-density mode-enabled hardware, providing adaptability for application-specific setups.

“We are excited to showcase high density mode for both our CrewCom and CB2 intercom systems to those in attendance at NAB 2022,” says Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “With this new firmware update that can be downloaded at no charge to all new and existing users, both the flagship CrewCom (firmware v1.10) and CrewCom CB2 (firmware v1.1) now offers our users a truly amazing value in professional wireless intercom.”

The latest member of the CrewCom family, the new full-duplex, install-friendly and feature-packed CrewCom CB2,is an ideal solution for small to mid-level applications requiring a reliable, great sounding wireless intercom with excellent RF coverage and range.

Available in both 900MHz and2.4GHz frequency options as well as 900 MHz Oceania and 2.4 GHz CE-compliant models, the system includes the CrewCom CB2 base station and up to six normal mode or 16 high-density mode CRP-12 radio packs to create a powerful but economical wireless intercom system. This latest solution from Pliant provides customers with two intercom channels as well as interconnectivity to all industry standard two-and four-wire intercom systems.

CrewCom is an innovative, professional wireless system featuring excellent 7 KHz voice quality with 4-conference or 2-conference full-duplex radio packs, seamless roaming, the highest density of users in the industry and a host of user features. CrewCom is based on a versatile decentralized, highly scalable network platform. CrewCom wireless products easily put dependable RF coverage where needed, all while employing a consistent user interface throughout the system.


Also at NAB 2022, Pliant will be showcasing its MicroCom line of intercoms (MicroCom M and MicroCom XR), including the new4-Wire I/O Interface and two-way radio headset adapter (PAC-MC4W-IO) for MicroCom XR. This small-but-mighty solution adds additional users by connecting a MicroCom XR system to a variety of wired and wireless intercom systems that use an industry-standard four-wire connection. In addition, it also offers a direct intercom interface from the MicroCom XR to many two-way radio devices.

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